While the sport of Polo is older than recorded history, its origin lies in the inspirational relationship between humans and horses. The sport that involve fine horsemanship have come down to us from Royalty. This unique blend of endurance and spirit of athletic talents between the horse and the rider evolves Polo as “The Sport of Kings”.

Honouring this tradition of adventure and power, Trunks Company translates its dynamics into a Polo Trunk for the patrons of the sport. Passion finds an expression with a Polo Trunk that features all accompaniments for the connoisseur and is a phenomenon of life. The trunk is ideal for treasuring the Polo accessories and narrates a story of charms and evocative style.


Polo is anent courage, strength and velocity. Consisting of four principle sections, The Tribesmen, The Aristocrats, The Amateurs and The Professionals, since the time immemorial, Polo evokes a vision of aristocracy and prowess.

Polo is a fascinating sport in the World. Polo, an integration of passion and discreet elegance showcases an alluring aesthetic that deeply touches the human senses.Being served as a symbol of power and prestige, Polo is not only a sport, it is a state of mind, a lifestyle, an enthusiasm, a philosophy of life.

Trunks Company has captured the imagination of its epicureans and transcends the pre-ordained horizons for a sublime experience. Polo Trunk is a distinctive combination of boldness, zeal and classism. This harmonious blend has produced a spirit of lifestyle synonymous with perfection, reflected in every aspect of its artistic excellence. Polo Trunk exudes flamboyance and is idiosyncratic in the story it unfurls.